They invent brain for sex doll Samantha, and this is what you can do …

One of the great novelties is that they will allow being seduced only by the people who treat them respectfully.

The Catalan engineer Sergi Santos with the doll Samantha.

The doctor in Nanotechnology, an engineer in Electronics and computer expert, Sergi Santos, is the first to put artificial intelligence to a realistic sex doll and also to create controversy. The inventor defends that his innovation “does not dehumanize women”.

Santos is passionate about humanism, psychology and science, and says that he had always been interested in “making a brain”, but to achieve this he needed a body and found it in realistic sex dolls made in China. “The sex market moves a lot of money and I found that these dolls had a perfect body, in which there is art and technology,” he explains.

 The creator incorporated a device with artificial intelligence algorithms into one of them, a prototype he has christened Samantha, a doll made of thermoplastic elastomer material that has three modes: the familiar, the romantic and the sexual; and installed some sensors to “be smart and know how to respond to how you are treating.”

Samantha, the first sex doll with the artificial brain.

The inventor of the sex robots Samantha, the Catalan engineer Sergi Santos, has declared that his creations, endowed with artificial intelligence, will be more excited by the people who treat them respectfully.

Soon, these silicone androids will have a moral code that will affect their libido, Santos told IBTimes. The scientist pointed out that in two or three months he will be able to make Samantha hold conversations with him and make value judgments.

“He will be able to tell if I am evil or not,” he said. Currently, the activation levels of a sex robot depend on whether your ‘partner’ touches your erogenous zones, and can even reach a simulated orgasm through penetration if you are sufficiently aroused.

The price of Samantha ranges between two thousand and 11 thousand dollars.

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