A drunken passenger decided to fly an air flight with a sex doll

A drunken passenger decided to have fun with a sex doll while flying to Ibiza.

a drunken passenger taking flight from Belfast to Ibiza directly during the flight decided to decompress the acquired sex doll, but for unknown reasons, it took quite inappropriate. As can be seen from the information provided by the publication «The Sun», which do not respond to the comments of other people on board and completely ignoring the crew, the man began to inflate the sex doll, eat in the same words and obscene expressions.

“A drunken passenger initially started to behave very aggressively, once he blew a rubber doll, he began to show the other passengers, granting the right to pass the time during the flight, but he did not receive approval from anyone, simply breathed”, – one eyewitness reports.

The commander of the plane’s crew decided to make an emergency landing in France, where a man who violated air transport rules was arrested by police officers and fined. The representatives of the airline did not comment on the incident but explained that the man showed unacceptable behavior and, therefore, was removed from the flight.

The reason for his actions was not explained.


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