9 Sex Toys That Every Man And Woman Should Have And Use

It seems obvious, but it does not stop happening. Each year, as of February 14 approaches on the calendar, sales of sex toys soar in the market. However, despite many who venture to buy one of many sexual accessories that abound in the market, it never hurts a small guide that helps to find the ideal object for the needs of each person and/or couple. And if you do not dare ask at the store, you can watch and buy your sex toy online.

1. The Classic
Popularized to a great extent thanks to the Sex & the City series, the Rabbit Habit vibrator has become a classic of erotic toys of recent times and not precisely because of fashion. designed to stimulate the G-spot, the rabbit ears that name the vibrator are responsible for providing external stimulation. In this way, all fronts are covered, so if one does not work, the other party will.

2. Circular assistance
Some have a strange appearance, but all are used in the same way: around the base of the penis or scrotum, trapping the blood inside the penis. This results in a stronger and longer lasting erection. For many, it is even the first alternative in cases of difficulties to maintain an erection. “If you’re new to the world of sex toys, a vibrating ring is a fun place to start,” says Dr. Debby Herbenick, a sexologist, and author of the book Sex Made Easy. This is placed like any other and therefore the carrier and his partner will experience the vibrations equally. There are varied models and the experts recommend for the beginners the Troyan or the Ring of Bliss of Durex. Both options are easy to find at any pharmacy, they are disposable,

3. Clitoral Stimulator
The nerves that produce sexual pleasure in women are concentrated in the clitoris. This organ is attached to the labia minora, located in the vagina, and is partially covered by them. If you add the fact of the high level of sensitivity of this area and the use of erotic toys to massage it, very intense orgasms can be achieved. According to Cosmopolitan, the Crave Duet has everything that is sought in an apparatus of this nature: multi-speed, waterproof, rechargeable (via USB), almost silent and with a very functional and elegant design at the same time. “Set it to vibrate in a loop pattern and get ready to blow your head,” they write about it.

4. On hand
Masturbators are one of the most abundant toys on the market, that means there are so many models that fit all pockets and, above all, meet the demands of all. The most popular are the so-called Fleshlights, which owe their name to their peculiar presentation similar to a hand lamp. However, out of shape, these objects have little to do with each other. The range is wide and ranges from those who seek to imitate vaginas, years and mouths, to more recent models that even seek to recreate (hypothetically) an alien vulva.

Silver Bullets Silver Bullet is your official name. Its distributors on the web define it as a “simple and elegant vibrator is good for a direct and powerful stimulation to the clitoris”. However, the fact is that even publications for men like Mens Health show him as one of the best male sex toys. For what is this?

This multi-speed vibrator is an excellent option for beginners and an essential tool for the experienced, write about the online store Early to bed, which expands the horizons of use. “This also makes it a good vibrator to use with a partner, since it is small enough to fit between two people while enjoying other pleasures.”

6. Prostatic-Perianal Stimulator
According to LA Weekly, the company Aneros offers a series of products (such as the MGX Classic shown in the image) for the man who wants to know the pleasures of the anus as well as for men who already know them well. Although, it is a topic that has been largely avoided by many male heteros who fear that their orientation may be questioned, there is also the version that “there is something a little childish and unmanly in a man who is afraid to experience the pleasure of his own anal orifice “, according to the Californian site.

7. Chinese balls
The use of so-called Chinese balls has become popular recently, especially after the release of the film adaptation of the book 50 Shades of Gray. However, these sexual supplements often take a long time in the taste of those who like to experience new sensations. Regular use can enhance the female orgasm by the simple act of acting as a kind of vaginal trainer, even if the one who carries them is having orgasms most of the time. You can always go for more if you think of it as a training with real results that benefit both parties during intercourse.

8. White and Black
The sexual games are not limited to the genitals, also the rest of the body is important if you pass those looking for a relaxing feeling, Joya Sphere Couples Massager is the ideal place for solo instrument. With the shape of the Yin-Yang symbol, this device is inspired by the concepts of balance and integrity, which is divided into two massagers. The white half has five constant vibration speeds, while the black side offers pulsations and intermittent adjustments. It is designed to be used in any area you can imagine making the experience even more complete.

9. A little support
Not everything is rhythm and stimulation in the right area. Sometimes the big difference is made by a few degrees of inclination. The Liberator Heart Wedge is nothing more than a cushion that can help make this process much more accessible and with an appropriate aesthetic for these dates. With a heart shape and a smooth texture, this inclined support opens a whole world to other possibilities of postures during intercourse. Not only is it perfect for a couple, it can also be used alone to be able to masturbate more comfortably, not to mention that its size and material make it an easy-to-clean item.

The Heart Wedge is responsible for facilitating certain postures for couples or to enjoy themselves.


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