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In the post-Yelp world, reviews are everything. Most of us do not even think about going to a restaurant or hiring an operator without first investigating. Why not apply this mindset to your next sexy shopping spree? While we all have our own unique set of sexual preferences, it is probably safe to assume that the device that eliminated another 500 people will also work for you.


To save some time, we look for toys, ahem, with better performance on Amazon. The criteria? The toys that made the cut had at least 200 reviews and were designed for women and couples (sorry, there are no meat lights here). From there, we start with five-star products and move down. Oh, and we include some of the most compelling (and hilarious) reviews so you know what you’re getting into.

All you have to do is decide which ones to add to your rotation.

7-inch purple dildo

1/10 Photograph courtesy of Amazon7 inches Purple dildo

This toy boasts of having a “realistic feel and feels” thanks to its curved design stimulating point G. It is also made of “extra soft” silicone approved by the FDA for the body and has a suction cup on the end (use your imagination ). According to customer reviews, it does the job.

“You can stick it to the wall or the floor and it’s not going anywhere.” – Shatoria S.

“Very luxurious feeling and appearance for this realistic dong”. – Amazon Customer

Buy it: 7 inch Purple Dildo, $ 19.99, Amazon. com

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Pleasure Wand

2/10 Photograph courtesy of Amazon Pleasure Wand

If you’re looking for something less realistic, this glass dildo can be just the ticket. The three bubbles at the end can be used inside the vagina for additional stimulation or as a handle if you are inserting the curved end. Clearly, this toy is working overtime to get the best performance for your money. And people are interested in that. “Magic, this is exactly what the doctor ordered, I love the feeling of softness and it really contains heat and cold, try it, you will not be disappointed, I like this product, it was as Amazon describes it and I am very happy with the product. more if I find that I need them. “

-GJM Buy it:

Don Wand Bent Graduate Glass Pleasure Wand, $ 7.90, Amazon. com

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Remote control bullet

3/10 Courtesy of AmazonRemote Control Bullet Photography

This product promises to have better sexual relations, additional orgasms, greater intimacy and, apparently, complies. It works the way you think: insert the bullet and control its vibrations through the remote control. You can also experiment by having your partner control the vibrations using the remote control. “This bullet can be small but it has a tremendous impact … You can even take it out and turn it on and off while it’s in public, so quiet.” –

Brandon Buy it:

Odeco USB Rechargeable Wireless Vibrating Silicone Bullet Egg, $ 39.96, Amazon. com

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Magic Wand

4/10 Photo courtesy of AmazonMagic Wand Remember that episode of Sex and the City

when Samantha exchanged that “neck massager” in Sharper Image? This is that vibrator. And it is the definition of a classic. The description calls the vibrating head a personal massager, but that is a euphemism. This has great power.

 “If you love your girl, buy her one of these, it works like a charm, her back has never felt better, and from behind I mean her vagina, obviously.” –

Christian H. “If you’re thinking about getting this and you’re a woman: get it, if you’re thinking about getting this for a woman, get it, if you’re thinking about getting this and you want to meet a woman, get it, also recommend a good sheet to try of water “. –


Buy it: Magic Wand Original Hv-260, $ 44. 99, Amazon. com

G-Spot vibrator

5/10 Photograph courtesy of Amazon G-Spot Vibrator

LELO’s MONA 2 (do you get it?) Presents six vibration patterns that are easily controlled by four buttons on the handle. It is ideal for external stimulation, but it really shines when used at its point G.

“The material is extremely soft and silky, it fits perfectly in my hand and has never been uncomfortable to use, something I have found with other similar products” –

Dana R.> “Geebus, this is POWERFUL, my man has scoliosis and I occasionally use it to massage his back, he says it makes his back go numb after a while because the vibrations are very strong.” – Hannah L.

Buy it: LELO Mona 2 Luxury G-Spot Vibrator, $ 139, Amazon. com

The Hummingbird

6/10 Photograph courtesy of Amazon The Hummingbird

This little pink wonder has 50 (!!!) unique vibration settings, so you’ll never get bored. In addition, most critics are enthusiastic about the hands-free capabilities of the toy and its small size. Some critics even say that this guy brought them their first orgasm.

That is not exaggerated:

“With this product, naturally, I am more wet and lubricated due to the extra stimulation and the orgasms I have are so intense that they are like fireworks … I have so many endorphins traversed that I literally scream, cry and laugh all at the same time. It’s INCREDIBLE! I highly recommend it. ” – Jacqueline L.

Buy it: Lyps hummingbird clitoris vibrator massager, $ 23. 99, Amazon. com

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Beginner booty

7/10 Photo courtesy of Amazon Beginner Butt Plug

Nothing says that sexy time is like the best jewelry, at least according to the 400 people who reviewed this steel boot. It comes in blue, white, pink and purple, so there are many ways to combine with its aesthetic. And, according to reviews, they are basically the Goldilocks of sex toys.


“I got it on the first try and I’ve never had a butt plug, so for me, it was not too big or too small.” – Angela K.

Buy it: Hmxpls Pink Jeweled Beginners Butt Plug, $ 4.99, Amazon. com

Turbo Bullet

8/10 Photograph courtesy of Amazon Turbo Bullet

This eight-speed vibrator is a popular choice on Amazon for its dual-engine price and function. It is available in single and double bullets, depending on the amount of stimulation you are looking for.

“This is probably my ninth bullet and, by far, the best I’ve had, I can not and I have not climbed at speeds and a three to five is strong enough for me” – Taborri

“I can feel it through her body while we give her a spoon (she applies the device to her clitoris with my approach from behind.) It’s that powerful.” – Ubgoodnow

Buy it: CalExoticsTurbo 8 Accelerator, Single Bullet, $ 12. 49, Amazon. com

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Double Duty Vibe

9/10 Photograph courtesy of AmazonDouble Duty Vibe

At first glance, it can be said that the manufacturers made sure that this toy felt as close as possible to the human penis without appearing realistic to all, which we can appreciate. It is assumed that the crests on the head of the toy provide additional internal stimulation while the second motor stimulates the clitoris. Even more fun: it’s waterproof!

“My private parts are still beating almost an hour later! Good for the money!” – Amazon customer

“For a long time, I thought that I just could not have an orgasm, nothing, and no one, it worked, this not only gave me my first orgasm but it even made me drip.” – Amazon customer

Buy it: Improved 10-speed Utimi silicone, G Spot vagina and clitoral vibrator, $ 19. 48, Amazon. com

Vibrating Cock Ring

10/10 Photograph courtesy of AmazonVibrating Cock Ring

It’s not like a regular cock ring: it’s a fresh penis ring. But really, this does everything and more. The toy can be used as a cock ring during sex to keep it hard and stimulate your clitoris, and it works like a solitary toy for your G spot or clitoris. Everyone wins.

“Holy cats, This, Ring, Rocks, My World … I pulled out the ring and showed it to my husband, joking about how it looked small, stretched … and needed it because it’s on the giant side underneath. the cover … My husband is good at what he does, I have no complaints, but this toy increased the saving factor by a megaton, both of us were shaky and happy … I get chills just thinking about it and I can You have to go wake the husband Yes, it’s so good You need it in your life. ” – Cassie L.


Buy it: IMO silicone vibrator ring, $ 24. 96, Amazon. com

Reviews slightly edited for clarity and style.

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